How to Accurately Measure Length of Object Using Camera on Android – If you need to determine the length of an item but don’t have a measuring equipment with you, you can use your fingers (meter). There is no need for anxiety because you can measure the length using the camera on your Android smartphone. This makes everything much simpler.

In this particular scenario, you can benefit from utilizing the program that Google offers called Measure. You can use the app to measure the length of an object in both the vertical and horizontal planes at the same time.

How to Accurately Measure Length of Object Using Camera on Android

How to Accurately Measure Length of Object Using Camera on Android

How do you do it? Refer to the steps that are listed below.

1. Start the application known as Measure, or download it

When you first begin this app, you will be required to grant permission for the app to use some functionalities. If you grant permission, the app will launch successfully. Kindly provide permission to immediately use this program as soon as it’s been downloaded.

2. Give the phone a shake in a few different ways

In order to determine the horizontal and vertical planes, this step must be taken. If there are spots similar to the ones illustrated above, then you are ready to begin measuring.

3. Utilize several types of measuring tools

Once the dots have appeared on the measuring plane, you will need to drag the measuring tool in the direction of the measuring plane. There are two different outcomes that could occur:

  1. The horizontal extent of something is referred to as its distance, which is a length measurement phrase (horizontally).
  2. The act of determining a person’s height is referred to as their elevation, which is a term used to describe the measurement procedure (vertical).

4. Using the measuring tool, draw a straight line

To begin measuring the item, could you please pull the measuring instrument all the way from one end to the other? We are making an effort to determine the exact dimensions of the phone seen on the left, which was initially sized at 10.7 centimeters.

We determined the height of the table by comparing it to its original dimensions, which were 75 centimeters, as seen in the figure on the right.

5. If you want to save the image that was measured, you should do it right now

You have the option of storing an image of the thing that you’re measuring in the Gallery. After that, it may be shared on various social media platforms if it proves to be essential.

That concludes our walkthrough on how to utilize the camera on an Android smartphone to measure various items.

There are a plethora of other apps in addition to Google Measure that are capable of carrying out the same functions. Check out our rundown of some of the best applications for measuring objects.

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